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[sticky entry] Sticky: About me...

Jun. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm
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 Hey there. I am Sam. I'm not to great at intros like Matt is. But here goes. I am a female homo sapiens, in her early 40's, lives in Canada... likes cute things even though people see me as goth. I love strawberry qwik (in moderation), cat memes, and Batman. I don't like spiders, mean people, and liver and onions. (Blech!)

I have a Twitter that I post to sometimes... it's 'tickledpinkbyu' and I use my vita to access it. I have a plurk that I post to more than Twitter. It is:  I have a FB but I don't really allow strangers on it. The only exception is Dave and Jon. If you want on my FB just ask. :-)

I guess that is it, if you have qs just reply to this entry. :-)
Sam out
 I deleted my LJ, for a number of reasons but mostly bc I don't like it that very well... I find that I am more comfortable with DW. I want to buy a permanent account but I live in Canada and I don't think I can buy one bc of that... at least that is what Coll says. 

For some reason, I am very tired today. We are having hamburgers and some sort of salad for dinner. I just had ice cream with raspberries for snack. :-) Delicious!

A week tomorrow I will be 43. I am getting up there. But, it's all good. They say life begins after 40 ... I don't know if that is true or not but where I am in my life, I am satisfied. I have had some hardships in the past but I try not to let the past haunt me.

Sam out

Wait. Does LJ offer permanent accounts in Canada? I might register again if so. I have a master card so maybe I can. Can anyone affirm this????

Sims 2 dw

Jun. 23rd, 2017 01:25 pm
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Today my morning glucose was low again. I had an omelette for lunch. I'm not sure what is going to happen if my readings are low again. I think I might ask Shar if I can make an appointment to see Angelique sooner. I'm going some time in July but... I might need to see the diabetic clinic sooner... if my blood sugars are low like that.

I don't know anymore.

BTW: Today is my brother Justin's birthday. He is 33. Happy Birthday!!!!

Also: I have deleted my sims2 journal. I'm making a comm here. :-)

IF story

Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:37 pm
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 I made (or am still making) an IF game. Check it out and tell me what you think in the comments, please and thank you. ^^

My body is telling me that I need to relax, so I will catch you in the am. 


Banana Sims

Jun. 22nd, 2017 07:27 pm
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 If you sim and are on LJ, please join my comm -- It is a modded comm but, I will approve you in a jiffy. Coco I want to make you a mod. 

I hear it is supposed to rain like hell tonight. It will be good for everyone's lawns... I guess. :-)

Tomorrow, is Friday fish & chips night and we are having Shar's french fries and boy howdy are they delicious! She deep fries them. The fish sticks I could do without. I like fish cakes better. Or beer battered fish. Ah well. 


 Coco my dear suggested it. (the tea). It really exotic but nice. It tastes like cinnamon, honey and something I can't quite put a name to.

In July, for my birthday, I am getting this. I don't give a shit about the color ... and I am getting Conception 2 in the eShop. I love the demo for the Vita but I want to get Dead or Alive 5 and maybe a Harvest Moon game (Boy & Girl version).

I fell asleep but woke up to have brownies for snack. Don't worry, I am drinking a lot of water to lower my glucose. 

I am listening to a very old song ... 'San Francisco' by Scott Mackenzie. I just love that song... and I find, the older I get, the more I veer towards older music rather than the new stuff. I guess that is what getting old is. IDK. Who knows?


A new lovely!

Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:58 pm
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Greetings. Today I have a very cool named lovely. Her name is ([personal profile] sitonmyinterface ). Very amusing un there. Today is a quiet day. Coll took Grandma to the hospital bc Grandma's ankles are very swollen... almost like water retention but worse. I hope she is ok. :-/

I'm thinking of writing IF. I just love Inklewriter. It is fun and addicting. But I want a program that will do it.

 So, I decided to blog. Right now, I feel like sleeping so, if my e-mails don't come, then, I will shut down for the night. I am bushed. If you are on LJ and you like to sim, like myself, join my community Banana Sims. [link]

I need to get some real sleep tonight -- not this waking up at 3am crap. Plus Aunt Flo is here and the cramps associated with her monthly visits are unbearable. I feel like tearing out my uterus/fallopian tubes/ovaries... that's how painful it is.... like a dull ache.

 Just read my LJ post. That's right. You can add me if you want. My un is: banane_pankeyx which is Yiddish for banana pancakes -- one of my favorite foods. :-)


Going to work on my homepage


Jun. 21st, 2017 09:39 am
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 I keep having low blood sugars in the morning.. at night, they are ok, y'know with in the 8-5 range? But in the mornings they are like 4 or 3. Shar is going to phone Angelique to see what we can do. I just googled something and my 43rd birthday is coming in 11 days. We are just going to order in that day and just relax, we are ordering from Gino's Pizza. My brother and I are having panzerotti and my sister is having a caesar salad with cheesy bread. She can't take panzos bc they are too much for her -- she gets sluggish afterwards. Angelique said that I could have one panzerotti a month... so yay!!!! :-D

I've decided against getting the "new" 2DS XL when there are used "new" 3DS XL's in white. The 2DS XL costs like over $200 but the used 3DS XL costs $180 with tax. That will be a lot better on my wallet. And plus, there is a little nub that clicks off the 3D effect on the slider thing, so it's not like the smaller older 3DSes which don't have a nub.

I am getting Conception 2 for the 3DS via the eShop. I am getting Dead or Alive and Hustle Kings for the vita.

Life is good.
 I have discovered this awesome website that lets you write IF! I have a story/game here. It's a work in progress though.

I want a nacho hat. With lots of sauce and guacamole. *dies*


Sam out.
 Anna gave me some clothes... including some jeans.. check it out

I managed to kill off a very annoying sim, Sanjay Ramaswami by flies. [simblr]

Tonight, I am going to find out if Quest is available for the mac. Bc I like writing text adventure games (even if they only make sense to me.. lol) and just chillax.

Sam out

 It is right here. :-) I also haz a Tumblr. Please follow me on both for fun fun fun (til her daddy took her t-bird awayyy....)

At the end of this month I am getting Conception 2 and Dead or Alive 5 for the vita and at the end of July, I am getting the 2DS XL. I'm not pre-ordering it bc if I do they want a deposit of $50, and I'm like ... no. So, I am sort of waiting til the initial hype wears down then get it. :-)

Sam out

Ok, so...

Jun. 19th, 2017 11:15 am
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I decided to put up an heir poll just for fun... even though Mei already has been decided, I just want your thoughts. So, without much ado.. tell me what you think.

I am also going to do an alphabetacy. That should prove interesting. So, look forward to that.

Check this out, it's a fascinating look into King Henry the Eighth and what happened to him.

I loved it. I watch it almost every day. I never get tired of the history of the English monarchy. Or any other royal families for that matter.

Sam out

 Here she be. I am going to go back to sleep now. I feel drained. I'm not sure that waking up at 6am is good for me. I think I might sleep til 7am or so. 

I can't stop playing the Conception 2 demo. I want my money so I can get a vita card and buy the full game. It is really addicting. But one of the chars has these huge tits. It's un-natural. I get it that it is an anime type game but seriously??? 

I'm going to just nap until 10am.

Sam out
 What is love? Love is many things. Love can be a game changer. Love can make people do stupid things (they don't see it though)... love is capricious.

What does love mean to you? I mean, there are different types of love, I don't love you the same way that I love my family... but we still love in a similar fashion.

Sam out.
 The two pix I have are of Kathleen's two girls. I am not putting up a heir poll bc I have already decided who the heir will be... it will be Meighann. Why? Bc I love that kid. She is adorable and well behaved. <3

Here she is. Look at that face! <3

And she has a little toddler sister Kath had w/ Darren Dreamer. (I told you that I would boolprop them!)
Meet Rosemarie...

She has the skin tone I wanted too! Maybe I will do double heirs... lol maybe not. :o That's too hard for me. So while Meighann will carry on the torch, Rose, as I call her, will live with her mother.

Sam out


Sims 2 pix

Jun. 18th, 2017 04:48 pm
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 Playing the Sims on a mac is vastly different than on a PC, I must say. But anyhow... here are some pix.

Sims stuff )

What do you think? :-)

Sam out

 Put your mitts together and welcome Miss Padhopper [personal profile] padhopper to my increasingly odd life. I had a good nap and Mom woke me up and I told her something I can't remember now bc I was still half asleep. :3 

I am going to fix up my sister's layout first b4 my own. I have cleaner HTML tags, where she has pretty awful tags.. when I finish up her layout, then I will do mine, and then, I will post them here for y'all...

Sam out
 Me! That's who! I'm happier than a pig in shit! I even have the Seasons ep. :-D I have some pix of my first sim. Her name is Kathleen. :-) If I can find the storytelling folder that is. *eyeroll*

I was going to take a nap, but I am too excited and I have my vita playing music. Still... I need a few hours sleep. After afternoon snack I am putting up a new layout on my Woohu. 

I found Seasons to be very silly.. the garden club woman just came in and started watching tv. Like wtf? Ah shit. I deleted the screenshots. I think they are still in trash so I will go through that. I found Kath a job in the music career track. :-) I might install Pets bc I have that too. :-) Oh and did I tell you that I boolpropped her with this random guy? He was a bit fugly.. I should have waited for Darren Dreamer bc she really got along with him. Maybe I will marry them... or if Kath has one baby from Random Dude, I will boolprop her with Darren. :-D 

I killed RG/RD via the death creator... He died of old age. ;-p

God it feels good to sim again!
Sam out


Happy Birthday to my favorite Beatle -- Sir Paul McCartney! He is 75 today! *throws confetti*

Bonne fête à toi
Bonne fête à toi
Bonne fête à Paul <3
Bonne fête à toi

That's Happy Birthday in French fyi.

Sam out! :-D